DLHSDistrict Level Household Survey (India)
DLHSDavid Lipscomb High School (Nashville, TN)
DLHSDenver Lutheran High School (est. 1955; Denver, CO)
DLHSDevils Lake High School (Devils Lake, ND)
DLHSDivision of Life and Health Sciences (University of West Florida; Pensacola, FL)
DLHSDenton Local History Society (Denton, Manchester, UK)
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[33] (32.7%), DLHS 4 Surendranagar Gujarat [22] (27.8%), and Chaudhari et al.
Small class size concept is adopted with its resulting benefits including individualized attention and care, in addition to teacher accessibility (DLHS Yearbook 2017).
GATS: Global Tobacco Adults Survey; DLHS: District Level Household and Facility Survey.
of children ever born (CEB) calculated by author from DLHS 2007-2008 data Table 2.
The test compared the performance of the NSHS with the original HS algorithm [1] and the other variants mentioned in Section 2, including Mahdavi's IHS [14], Wang's self-adaptive variant represented by HSw for convenience [16], Pan's DLHS [18], and SGHS [17].
Table 1 gives the distribution of currently married, nonpregnant women aged 15-49 years surveyed during DLHS 2007-08 by selected demographic, economic, cultural, and social characteristics.
DLHS 2 (2006) (6) showed that there was some improvement in the coverage and content of antenatal care.
It is readily apparent that we can derive row totals for direct labor costs (DLC), direct labor hours (DLH), and machine hours (MH) (92,000, 11,500, and 780, respectively).
They are also involved in other studies given by Ministry such as Concurrent Evaluation of NRHM conducted by the Ministry throughout the country during 2008-09, large scale sample surveys of the Ministry like District Level Household survey (DLHS), National Family Health Survey (NFHS) and Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI), All India study on Rapid Appraisal of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Implementation in 36 Districts of 20 States of India in the recent past.
(1,9) District level hospitals (DLHs) in Malawi and Zambia and many other African countries deliver emergency obstetrical interventions--mainly caesarean sections, and occasional hysterectomies, as well as limited general surgery--mainly hernia repairs, but also laparotomies and hydrocoele repairs.
On the backdrop of this Alok Ranjan Chaurasia analyses living condition of ST and health status among various states by using DLHS data on family suggest for improvement in income level of ST.
In this paper, we concentrate on the comparison of three of the most recent and promising HS variants: exploratory harmony search (EHS), self-adaptive harmony search (SAHS), and dynamic local-best harmony search (DLHS).