DLIDDick Laurent Is Dead (French musician)
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Figure 10 demonstrates the excellent information content of the six-point-scanning pointing mode of the UHOH DLID for providing the horizontal wind, TKE, and momentum flux profiles continuously during day and night.
A very useful example of DLID measurements that will be used to evaluate the evolution of the PBL in LES (and other model) simulations is presented in Fig.
These key instruments are water vapor DIAL, WVRLID, TRLID, and DLID. The synergy of these instruments also permits the observation of 2D fields of surface fluxes and vertical profiles of sensible and latent heat fluxes, which will be investigated in combination with soil and vegetation measurements.
(left) Latent heat flux profile measured at the ARM SGP site from 1856 to 2049 UTC 9 Nov 2012 with SRLID and a collocated DLID including noise (small caps) and sampling error bars (large caps).
The three scanning lidar systems (UDIAL, URLID, and NOAA DLID) were located 300 m north of the SRL and scanning in elevation above the main RHI (thick white line and planes).
Simultaneous measurements of water vapor, temperature, and vertical wind by UDIAL, URLID, and NOA A DLID during SOP2 on 26 Aug 2017.
Analysis of the six-point scanning pointing mode of the UHOH DLID demonstrating the large information contents of this technique.