DLIFDirect Lateral Interbody Fusion (spine surgery)
DLIFDigitalis-Like Immunoreactive Factors
DLIFDigoxin-Like Immunologic Factor
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The surgical techniques reported were DLIF or XLIF, AxialLIF, and TLIF.
In section 2, we give dLIF complex gains [[psi].sub.t], [[eta].sub.t] [7] matched to sequences
DLIF was extracted and isolated from bovine adrenal cortical tissue and purified as previously reported (16).
Most protein interferents, as well as those which are highly bound to proteins (e.g., DLIF), are retained while the relatively less-protein-bound analyte, digoxin, collects in the filtrate and is analyzed.
We recently reported a chromatographic method for separating oxidized forms (DLIF and OLF) from their apparent chemically reduced components (Dh-DLIF and Dh-OLF) (2,21).
Therefore, studies investigating mammalian cardenolides in HF have focused on measuring the concentrations of effectors (e.g., DLIF, OLF, and marinobufogenin) in the plasma of patients diagnosed with HF together with measurement of receptor capacity (i.e., the sodium pump) and variations in its concentrations in disease (62).
DLIF remains a possible explanation for the suppression of the AxSYM results (11,12).
Interspecies differences in NKA isoform expression and affinity for digitalis-related compounds likely reflect differences in physiological requirements and probably mimic tissue responses to endogenous NKA modulators such as the putative endogenous DLIF and OLF (29, 30).
The Vitros method produced results with a small overall positive bias compared with the Roche Online method, which has been reported to be free of DLIF interference (5).
Assays that require acid pretreatment have also been documented to show substantial DLIF interference [16].
Second, 192 specimens from critical patient groups not receiving digoxin and suspected of containing DLIF were measured, and the data were analyzed by the calculation of nonparametric fractile limits.
Although ultrafiltration eliminates interference produced by large molecules, such as endogenous digoxin-like immunoreactive factors (DLIFs) and DIGIBIND, it does not eliminate interferences produced by small molecules known to interfere with digoxin immunoassays, such as spironolactone (14).