DLLPDirection de la Lecture Publique (French: Directorate of Public Reading; also seen as DLP)
DLLPData Link Layer Packet (computing)
DLLPDistance Learning Link Program (US Distance Learning Association)
DLLPDeaf Lifelong Learning Project (Birmingham, England, UK)
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Porem, a analise da estimativa dos coeficientes associados a NDLLP e DLLP em cada modelo mostra que algumas estimativas apresentam um grau de persistencia da parcela nao discricionaria muito menor do que as outras.
Ao avaliar as estimativas dos coeficientes associados a DLLP, os testes empiricos mostram que o modelo de interesse e o que apresenta o segundo maior grau de transitoriedade (menor grau de persistencia), perdendo somente para o modelo H, que apresentou um grau muito menor de persistencia NDLLP.
Tabela 6: Persistencia de componentes discricionarios e nao discricionarios de LLP obtidos dos diferentes modelos, valores-p entre parenteses [LLP.sub.i,t+1] = [alpha] + [[beta].sub.1] [NDLLP.sub.i,t] + [[beta].sub.2] [NDLLP.sub.i,t] + [[epsilon].sub.i,t+1] Modelos C NDLLP DLLP Mod.
In stark contrast to PCI, in which flow control was handled through sideband signals, PCIe flow control is an in-band, point-to-point mechanism using both DLLPs (Update FC packets) and TLPs to update flow control state between the ends of a single link (not the ends of an entire set of links).
Because the flow control mechanism relies on both DLLPs and TLPs, the bug hunter must account for credits and debits across these two layers of the protocol.
Flow control credits are visible through the HdrFC and DataFC fields (in DLLPs), but debits are calculated for each type of TLP that participates.
The values transmitted in flow control DLLPs do not contain the current available receiver buffering, but rather contain the cumulative total credits that the receiver has granted to the transmitter since link initialization (using modulo 2field_size arithmetic).
Even the 16 GB of acquisition memory available in some instruments on the market today (using aggressive hardware filtering to only capture Flow Control DLLPs and TLPs), may not be sufficient to capture the necessary time window.
You can elect to exclude DLLPs or TLP data payloads, for example, or to accept only DLLPs, TLPs, messages, or flow control credits or to filter nothing.
Events such as the recognition of symbols, DLLPs, TLPs, messages, or protocol errors can cause a trigger, or a sequence of such events can be defined that results in a final trigger.