DLLSDistance Learning Library Services
DLLSDynamic Laser Light Scattering
DLLSDeseret Language and Linguistics Society (Brigham Young University; Provo, UT)
DLLSDynamic Link Library Similar (computing)
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The first technique is based on the list of DLLs (dynamic link library), the list of DLL function calls, and the number of different function calls within each DLL used by the binary.
With the aid of dual DLLs, the timing generator can provide accurate sub-gate resolution with closed-loop delay control and instantaneous switching capability.
Collier and Thomas (2004) show through comparative data from 15 states that DLLs from dual language enrichment programs perform better than their monolingual peers.
The detection is done with a delay locked loop (DLL) that accurately determines amplitude and group delay of the channel.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Pro - (16/32 bit ActiveX and DLLs) Expands LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro toolkit to include more extensive Multimedia capabilities in three areas - Video, Capture and Internet.
When a Windows application program is installed, two groups of files that customize Windows so it works with the new programs--the INI (initiation) and DLL (dynamic link library) files--are changed automatically.
These very young children are dual language learners (DLLs).
Once it penetrates a system, it installs in Windows/System32 directroy, where it creates the rootkit-hidden wsnpoem ntos.exe, audio.dll and video.dll files (in effect, the two so-called "DLLs" are used for configuration and storage purposes).
Holley's argument centered around the use of DLLs, or dynamically linked libraries.
Besides allowing users to create their own large-signal user-defined models in DLLs, LASIMO 2.0, through its capability of linking to the model, permits the designer to define the number of large-signal parameters for the model and to assign name labels for both the model and the large-signal parameters.