DLMDDon't Let Me Down (song)
DLMDDuchenne-Like Muscular Dystrophy
DLMDDaniel Lebard Management Développement (French: Daniel Lebard Management Development)
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The experimental equipment was constituted by a 6 axis CNC laser machine, normally used for cutting and welding, and by a pneumatic system for the distribution of the powder, specifically designed and built to create a DLMD apparatus.
The quality of the parts that can be obtained with DLMD is strongly affected by several process parameters; thus, a careful control of process parameters is necessary to obtain products having good mechanical properties.
A statistical analysis was implemented in order to study the effects of two DLMD process parameters on the quality of built parts in terms of density and Vickers micro-hardness.
A sample was built trough DLMD process using a machine equipped with a continuous wave CO2 laser (maximum laser power 6 kW), a metal-powder delivery system, software and a computer-controlled multi-axis positioning system.
Last six layers were deposited with DLMD process and the steel layer 420 [micro]m thick represented the substrate.