DLMFDigital Library of Mathematical Functions (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
DLMFDepot Level Maintenance Facility
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Using a DLMF technique, the plates were manufactured from an alloy powder (Ti-6Al-4V), with a particle size of 25-45 [micro]m as the base material.
The DLMF implant surface (Figure 1(a1)) was covered with spherical particles with a diameter of 30 to 50 [micro]m.
We determined the morphology of MG63 cell line cultured on the pure Ti and coated DLMF implants.
In this research study, comparing a bare DLMF surface, MG63 cells spread and stretched better on the porous network structure of the CaP coated implants in group [10.sup.-3] and group [10.sup.-2].
Mangano et al., "Histomorphometric Evaluation of Direct Laser Metal Forming (DLMF) implant surface in the type IV Bone: a controlled study in human jaw," POSEIDO Journal, vol.
The DLMF is modeled after the Handbook of Mathematical Functions, published in 1964 by the National Bureau of Standards with M.
One of the purposes of the DLMF project is to stimulate research into the theory, computation and application of the higher mathematical functions.
The DLMF will be an interactive, richly linked, network-based resource of mathematical reference data of use in a wide variety of fields.
The DLMF project is being managed by four principal editors at NIST: Daniel Lozier, Frank Olver, Charles Clark, and Ronald Boisvert.
Tables aside, the DLMF will contain twice the material found in the original Handbook.
The DLMF will be made available in a highly interactive Web site maintained by NIST (see Fig.