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DLNADigital Living Network Alliance
DLNADiplexer Low Noise Amplifier
DLNADistance Learning Network Aid
DLNADisilgold Literary Network Association
DLNADeaf Literacy Needs Assessment
DLNADynamical Limited Nuclear Aggregation
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Android devices enabled for DLNA VidiPath provide consumers with an easy solution to access PayTV content without any additional intermediate devices from the service provider.
UPnP is the key protocol used in DLNA guidelines and makes the overall operation of DLNA possible.
Additional details about CVP-2 are available by downloading the DLNA CVP-2 white paper.
Discovers and displays all DLNA compliant devices in the network sorted on servers and renderers
Panasonic continues to ensure intercommunication capability between DLNA compatible products and promote the wide adoption of the IEEE 1901 international standard and products that support it.
The rapid growth in DLNA Certified[R] printers anticipates consumer demand for a fully connected and interactive home experience," said Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA.
DLNA is a standard used to enable the sharing of digital media between different consumer electronic devices and includes Digital Rights Management (DRM) to ensure that content is protected from unauthorised copying and use.
The RVU specification uses widely implemented UPnP and DLNA technologies to enable a gateway device such as an advanced set-top box to work with non-proprietary client devices such as connected TVs, Blu- ray players, and set-top boxes.
has selected Myriad s industry-leading DLNA Connect & Share technology for use as a second screen application to stream live TV to Android devices from their HDHomeRun DLNA Certified Tuners.
has launched its Skifta Engine software application, offering original equipment manufacturers a software solution that can either be preloaded or added on to devices for effortless and dependable media shifting to and from DLNA Certified and UPnP devices inside and outside of the home.
This engine utilizes image sharpening technology, which gives extremely naturally renderings of the borders and contours of images, and color adjustment technology, which adjusts color intensity and brightness, to give users high-quality images of mobile device broadcasts, Internet videos, and content from AV equipment over DLNA networks.