DLNCDigital Library National Convention
DLNCDeputy Local Naval Commander (rank; US Navy)
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Detailed information and data sheet for the THINFIT 6'' 11.6W DLNC is available here: http://gc-lighting.com/wp-content/uploads/11.6DLNC6DIM-6in-New-Construction-Downlight-11.6W.pdf
After preparation, all desonide-loaded nanocapsule suspensions (DLNC, D-NC-L100, or D-NC-S100) presented a macroscopic homogeneous appearance, like a milky bluish opalescent liquid.
dlnc is the outcome variable (namely, change in log real per capita consumption of household i in village v between 2004 and 2010), ocf the group specific constant term for each village, [gamma] x [H.sub.iv], is a vector of variables of household and socio-economic characteristics in 2004, [beta] x [S.sub.iv] shocks to households experienced between 2004 and 2010, and [[epsilon].sub.iv] is an error term.