DLNPDzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
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These finite sample critical values are obtained through the Monte Carlo experiments under the assumption that the errors driving the series dlnER, dlnP, and dlnUSP are normal ARMA(p, q) processes.
For Zaire, the coefficients of the time trend are found to be insignificant in its dlnER and dlnP; therefore, the DGPs of lnER and lnP of Zaire are assumed to have a linear trend, i.e.,
For Brazil/U.S., Israel/U.S., and Mexico/U.S., the first set of critical values is obtained assuming [[Mu].sub.1] = 1, and the second set of critical values is produced by setting [[Mu].sub.1] in the DGPs equal to the coefficients of the time trend for dinER, dlnP, and dlnUSP, displayed in Table 2.