DLOGDiscrete Logarithm (mathematics)
DLOGDiscrete Logarithm
DLOGDenver Lyric Opera Guild (Colorado)
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Pr [[E.sub.DL] (M ([1.sup.k], G, g, [CHALL.sub.DL], DLOG) = l] [greater than or equal to] [[epsilon].sub.OMDL].
DLoG GmbH, a member and IMC (International Mobile Computing) center of excellence of the Advantech Group since 2010, was established in 1985 and has made a name for itself as a global player in the field of industrial PC and vehicle terminal solutions for extremely challenging environments - in construction machinery, forklifts, trucks, mining equipment and industrial production.
Contact DloG on tel 0121 544 6256 or visit www.dlog.co.uk
According to DLoG, the low power consumption and integrated ARM architecture of the X 7 allows for superior processor performance in a variety of harsh industrial and logistics applications, among them extreme temperatures.
The sophisticated features and rugged construction of the fanless Mobile Industrial Terminal DLoG X 7 enables both mobile and stationary Windows CE applications ideal for use in logistics, industry, transport, time recording and quality assurance.
The new DLoG Intelligent Manufacturing Module enables users to streamline operations by collating and managing all types of manufacturing data from a level product assembly, through its various sub-assemblies, down to individual component parts.
Fisher fits an unrestricted VAR with Dlog pt as an observable.
Adjusted Standard error Selected models [r.sup.2] or estimation (%) 1 53.0 2.24 Ylog = 0.032 Dlog - 5.4 2 57.0 2.15 Ylog = 0.031 Dlog - 0.1 Tlog - 0.1 P - 3.1 3 76.7 1.58 Ylog = 0.063 Dhtw - 3.1 4 76.8 1.58 Ylog = 0.068 Dhtw - 0.004 Dlog - 2.6 5 76.9 1.57 Ylog = 0.065 Dhtw + 0.039 P - 3.17 Table 6.
Oldbury shopfloor data solutions specialist DLoG (UK) has strengthened its senior sales team with the appointment of Charles Walker as account manager for its northern area customers.
The Data Collection Engine from DLoG Inc., Elgin, IL, helps to complete the communication between machine tool and executive's desk.
Bird and mammal sightings were recorded by entering them directly into a real-time computer data-entry system (DLOG (4)) that plots animal positions continuously using GPS coordinates.
Sensitivity (s) [delta] [lambda]/[delta]x Elasticity (e) [delta]log [lambda]/[delta]log x Univariate selection gradient (b) dlog [lambda]/dx Selection intensity (I) ...