DLOSDirect Line of Sight
DLOSDedicated Loan Origination and Servicing
DLOSDark Lord of the Sith (Star Wars game)
DLOSDate of Loss (US Army)
DLOSDismounted Line of Sight
DLOSDivision Logistics Organization Structure
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A DLO's main responsibility is to identify dogs that are thought to be of a banned type.
Cymeriad yn un o hoff straeon y plant, Inc Tafod Pinc, yw Nos Pluen Dlos, a dewiswyd yr enw Plwm Pwdin am ei bod hi'n iar dew sy'n dipyn o gymeriad.
Seven of the 92 workers at the highways DLO were paid more than pounds 50,000, with the highest earner receiving pounds 60,524.
Since average LOS demonstrated little sensitivity to structure or process-related interventions, derived length of stay (DLOS) was calculated for each subject.
(92) "La fee q dieron dlos libros dla enperatriz n.sa dlos asyos q tenia ciertos oficiales d su mag.
Following the loss of pounds 812,000 between 1999 and 2000, the council's Direct Labour Organisations (DLOs) immediately put a damage limitation strategy in place.
If Sarah Boyack had bowed to pressure to give the work to the DLOs, she might not have been able to go ahead with the M74 extension at a cost of pounds 214million.
"We are not arguing for any advantage to be given to the DLOs, we just want a level playing field."
The DLOs were closed down by Secretary of State Donald Dewar in the wake of the scandal.
It also involved small teams of police officers from various national agencies who escorted their own nationals to matches to give aid and assistance, again in pinpointing key individuals, to Italian police (House of Commons 1991).(9) However, the most prominent example of this type of activity that the TREVI group has produced is the development of a system of Drug Liaison Officers (DLOs).(10) This system includes postings between police in the various European states and some outwith the EU.