DLPSDigital Library Production Service (est. 1996; University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI)
DLPSDartmoor Livestock Protection Society (UK)
DLPSDigital Local Phone Service
DLPSDepartment of Law and Public Safety (New Jersey)
DLPSDevils Lake Public Schools (Devils Lake, ND)
DLPSData Links Processor System
DLPSDynamic Labor Planning System
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So, if an LP contains only one line of characters then it is a single line plate (SLP) structure whereas an LP with two lines of characters is a double line plate (DLP) structure as shown in Fig.
FDA; b) test the hypothesis that early life BPA exposures increase susceptibility to later-life neoplasia and adenocarcinoma in response to elevated estradiol levels, as occurs in aging men; and c) assess whether chronic BPA exposures modify stem cell homeostasis within the dorsolateral prostate (DLP) lobes.
He elaborates more on DLPs: "It depends on [the] contract.
Baseline Phase The first session consisted of functional case conceptualization as per Munoz-Martinez and Novoa-Gomez (2011) to determine DLPs. At the end of this session, clients began tracking DLPs, including tracking the antecedents, responses, and observed consequences around each occurrence of a problem behavior.
Dose-length product (DLP) and current-time product are parameters recorded by the MDCT machines used at the time of the scan and were thus collected from the picture archiving and communication system.
This work simulated the vesiculation pathway of several phospholipid species, namely, DLPE, DLPS, dOpE, DOPS, DLiPE, and DLiPS from random initial configuration.
Solutions Plus President Charlie Weaver and DLPS President Salem Rajeh Al-Fhaidi inked the pact in the presence of DLPS General Manager Pervaiz I.
Since the instructor intentionally designed the course with deeper learning principles in mind, it is no surprise that the course design (withstanding student actions) reflects DLPs; in fact, all principles of deeper learning were present and rated by the reviewer as medium-high to high.
We used limited dependent variable techniques (univariate and ordered probit analysis) to analyze the factors affecting the choice and the number of teaching media resources by two-year colleges in DLPs.
Young said that the only other hitch for Sharp is higher pricing of its new DLPs, noting that the most recent average selling price of Samsung's 56- and 61-inch rear-projection DLP televisions were $2,800 and $3,150, respectively.
The society, which has a majority stake in Lichfield mortgage intermediary Pink Home Loans, paid pounds 4.1 million for Chichester-based DLPS, which acts as a broker selling term assurance over the Internet and telephone.