DLQDietro le Quinte (Italian: Behind the Scenes)
DLQDead Letter Queue
DLQDistinctly Low Quality
DLQDotmatrix Letter Quality
DLQDead Letter Queue (for undeliverable messages)
DLQDeck Landing Qualification
DLQMean Diurnal Low Water Inequality
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Initially, the Distributed Leadership Questionnaire (DLQ) was developed based on work of Gordon (2005).
The DLQ was designed based on a broad conceptualization of function as described by the ICF (WHO, 2001) and following the type of difficulties typically observed and reported by individuals with neurological difficulties.
The selected scales of the PIC (ADJ, ACH, D, FAM, DLQ, SSK) will not predict membership in one of three groups: a runaway sample, a control sample, and a Day Treatment Program sample.
Finding the ship, gaining communications and obtaining a green deck had taken me 45 minutes to an hour on previous DLQ hops.
About 45 minutes into the deck-landing-qualification (DLQ) period, flight ops shifted from the normal routine into an emergency scenario.
Once the aircraft is chocked and chained, a face-to-face brief between aircraft commander and a ship's company naval aviator should be conducted to briefly review procedures and answer any questions before flying the deck-landing-qualification (DLQ) pattern.
All three helicopter aircraft commanders (HACs) in my detachment were within a few days of their night-and deck-landing-qualification (DLQ) currency expiring.
As we set up for our third approach, we received a green deck to begin multiple approaches and landings to complete our DLQ requirements.
Because the HAC was not deck-landing qualification (DLQ) current, we could not get a deck hit on a ship and rekey the crypto.