DLQDietro le Quinte (Italian: Behind the Scenes)
DLQDistinctly Low Quality
DLQDotmatrix Letter Quality
DLQDead Letter Queue
DLQDead Letter Queue (for undeliverable messages)
DLQDeck Landing Qualification
DLQMean Diurnal Low Water Inequality
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A unique aspect of the DLQ is that unlike other self-report scales, it specifically asks the person to rate the degree of mental or cognitive difficulty they are experiencing in IADL and EF skills.
I had earned various qualifications as an instructor, including the coveted DLQ instructor qual.
The selected scales of the PIC (ADJ, ACH, D, FAM, DLQ, SSK) will not predict membership in one of three groups: a runaway sample, a control sample, and a Day Treatment Program sample.
However, even if it had been proposed, I believe this plan would have been rejected, because my OinC was focused on making sure neither his unaided or NVG DLQ currency expired.
As we set up for our third approach, we received a green deck to begin multiple approaches and landings to complete our DLQ requirements.
We rolled into his DLQs, and his first approach to landing was uneventful.
We had completed two hours of DLQs and vertreps and had stopped to refuel.
Once over the deck, I realized that the approaching storm was going to make it a challenging night for DLQs.
CH-46E HMM-2650 2/09/00 0 Sea Knight had an in-flight fire in a DLQ pattern and recovered aboard ship.
CH-46E HMM-265 02/09/00 0 Aircraft had an in-flight fire in a DLQ pattern and recovered aboard ship.
Network (55 A)HP,HP Laser Jet Toner Cartridge 700M 712XH HP,Brother Laser Jet Toner Cartridge TN-2260 Brother,Epson DLQ 3500 (High Speed DMP 15A) Cartridge Epson,CD-R (Jar) Moserbaer,DVD-R (Jar) Moserbaer,CMOS Battery Micro Lithium Cell,USB Keyboard & Mouse (Combo Pack)
The ship conducted DLQs with Brazil as well, executing 18 take offs and landings with Brazilian pilots flying a Brazilian Super Puma helicopter.