DLRODigital Low Resistance Ohmmeter
DLRODate Limite de Remise des Offres (French: Deadline for Submission of Bids)
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DLRO's development of this specialized program enhances the military's ability to meet the current needs of the changing sustainment environment.
In August 2007, DLRO began talking with ALMC about becoming certified as an NLC school, primarily for the Logistics Corps officers attending ILE.
Professors from the KU School of Business teach 24 credit hours directly, and DLRO faculty teach 6 hours during ILE.
The KU program director, Greg Freix, and the CGSC DLRO deputy director, Willis Jackson, Jr., collaborated on the class schedule to reduce workload conflicts between the two educational programs.
For the pilot program, the officer who would fill the DLRO instructor position needed to have a proven logistics background and meet as many of the following requirements as possible--
After that training is completed, the new instructor attends course-specific DLRO logistics and force management training sessions and shadows experienced DLRO instructors as they use the adult learning model and apply various teaching techniques in the classroom.
Next, the instructor team-teaches classes with those same DLRO instructors.
Like all DLRO instructors, they can attend the 4-week Army Advanced Force Management Course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Phase III of the CGSC Faculty Development Program (Lesson/Course Author Training).