DLSEDepartment of Labor Standards Enforcement
DLSEDevice Level Selection Enhanced (computing)
DLSEDaniel Lombardet Sécurité Électrique (French: Daniel Lombardet Electrical Safety)
DLSEDirectorate Land Synthetic Environments (Canadian Forces)
DLSEDepartment of Land, Survey and Environment (Samoa)
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This bill authorizes the Labor Commissioner, upon finding "reasonable cause" to believe a violation has or is occurring, to petition a superior court for injunctive relief (e.g., potentially, prohibiting discipline or requiring reinstatement) while a claim or investigation with the DLSE is pending.
Locker as stating that "the DLSE us[ed] its subpoena power to obtain statewide employee records for [an employer's] workforce of 30,000 California employees, based only on its belief that the employer had committed Labor Code violations throughout its many California locations." (AOB at p.
(revealing her concern that by its failing to enforce the prevailing wage law, the DLSE in effect was allowed to escape possible liability through the court's ruling).
The DLSE order came out on December 21, 2015 or only four days after the hearing, but the employer appealed the DLSE order.
A revised "Notice to Employee" form is available on the DLSE's website.
The DLSE determines who would be covered by the case and notifies them of the action and their right to recover.