DLSSDeep Learning Super-Sampling (artificial intelligence)
DLSSDe La Salle School (Singapore)
DLSSDirect Loan Servicing System
DLSSDeakin Law Students Society (Deakin University, Australia)
DLSSDefense Logistics Standard Systems (US DoD)
DLSSDigital Linear Slide Switch
DLSSDirect Logistics Support System
DLSSDyson Life Safety Security (Systems LLC)
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Upon closing in March 2018, DLSS will merge with Water Street's commercialisation services platform that specialises in market access solutions and was formed last year through the merger of Alliance Life Sciences, Health Strategies Group and The Access Group.
In conjunction with the closing, DLSS will continue to operate under its existing name with its current leadership team, which will report to the platform's board of directors spearheaded by Jim Lang, executive chairman of Water Street's commercialisation services platform.
24) DLSS rarely refers pain to the groin unless there is involvement of the L1-2 level.
DLSS causing neurogenic claudication is a leading cause of lower extremity symptoms and limited walking ability in the elderly.
In this paper, we discuss a new numerical technique to solve the DLSS equation
In section 2 we present a coupled equation decomposition after an exponential transformation of variables for DLSS equation and discuss the corresponding boundary conditions in the context of the quantum charge transport in semiconductors.
7, "The Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) shall provide conversion services (DLMS to DLSS and DLSS to DLMS) until all DOD components have implemented approved commercial standards and business processes and these corporate conversion services are no longer needed.
DLSS acts as a seamless extension of our clients' companies reducing cost and complexity while strengthening and simplifying their connection with patients.
The new president will manage Dohmen's DLSS division, a one-stop-shop for drug and device companies to access capability ranging from compliance services, channel supply support, revenue cycle management and direct to patient care.