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DLTDigital Linear Tape
DLTDistributed Ledger Technology (blockchains)
DLTDose Limiting Toxicity
DLTDepartment of Labor and Training (Rhode Island)
DLTDrop Leaf Table (furniture)
DLTDevelopments in Language Theory
DLTDalet SA (French software company; stock symbol)
DLTDarton, Longman and Todd (UK)
DLTDistributed Link Tracking
DLTData Lifeguard Tools
DLTDirector of Learning and Teaching (various locations)
DLTDoritos Locos Taco (Taco Bell)
DLTDecongestive Lymphatic Therapy
DLTDirect Linear Transformation
DLTDental Laboratory Technician
DLTDave Lee Travis (former Radio 1 DJ)
DLTDevelopment Land Tax
DLTDischarge Line Temperature (refrigeration)
DLTDiagnostics and Laboratory Technology (World Health Organization)
DLTDouble Lumen Endobronchial Tube
DLTDepartment Leadership Team (various organizations)
DLTDesert Lightning Team (US Air Force)
DLTData Link Terminal
DLTDebout les Terriens (French sustainable development association)
DLTDaily Life Therapy (autism intervention method)
DLTDevice Level Test (semiconductors)
DLTDynamic Load Test
DLTDecision Logic Table
DLTDivisible Load Theory
DLTDivision Leadership Team
DLTData Linear Tape
DLTDominant Lethal Test
DLTDistinguished Lecturer Tour
DLTDroits, Libertés et Territoires (French: Rights, Freedoms and Territories; University of Lyon; Lyon, France)
DLTData Link Transceiver
DLTDigital Lightwave Terminal (Alcatel)
DLTDefense Laser Technology
DLTDesired/During Lead Time
DLTDatabase Log Tracking
DLTDrop-List Threshold
DLTDown Load Tool (Alcatel)
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Governance, providing the highest-level risk and control oversight, and strategic decision-making functions for the DLT network community with four distinct areas of responsibility: Steering Committee, Functional Working Group, Technical Working Group, Change Committee.
* Confirm the use of ISO 20022 as the foundation for standardising for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that expose DLT node contents to parties with direct access to the ledger
A left sided DLT position was considered optimal when bronchial cuff was immediately below carina and there is clear visualization of left subcarina with unobstructed upper and lower bronchi8.
Recently unveiled at a series of industry events in Asia, India and Europe, the DLT solution, SKYE, has been recognised by the market at large and cloudyBoss is now in advanced implementation talks with federal and private banks, major automotive manufacturers and large supply chain organisations the world over.
DLT solutions are still untested on a large scale but have the potential to address some limitations banks have today.
In case of inability to intubate with a DLT, a single-lumen tube and exchange catheter (Cook[R] Critical Care) was used to place a DLT, and the time was added to the original attempt time.
The CSD working group on DLT will initially focus on digital assets with a goal to establish a framework for how these assets could be used in the post-trade space.
"We are confident that BIL and DLT Labs will be able to work very well together to create a platform to enable skilling and training of people in Block Chain technology.
DLT enables participating parties to form and maintain consensus about the existence, status and evolution of a set of shared facts on their stakeholders.
According to R3 chief executive David Rutter, substantial progress had already been made in the development of DLT, with the launch of Corda - its open source distributed ledger platform - and numerous successful proof-of-concepts.
In this article, we analyze whether DLT addresses unbanked consumers' primary concerns about having a checking or savings account.
One of which that has attracted a lot of attention is the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), also known as Blockchain.