DLUDynamic Local User
DLUDependent Logical Unit
DLUData Link Unit
DLUDigital Unit
DLUDigital Light Unit
DLUDate Limite d'Utilisation (French: Expiration Date)
DLUDossier de Liaison d'Urgence (French: Liaison Emergency File)
DLUDigital Line Unit
DLUDependent Logical Unit (IBM)
DLUDirections Locales Unifiées (French union directorate)
DLUData Logging Unit
DLUDestination Logical Unit
DLUDirty Little Helper Update File
DLUAir Comet Chile (ICAO Airline Code)
DLUDischarge Line Unload (truck compressors)
DLUDate Last Updated (various organizations)
DLUDownload Unit
DLUDual Laser Unit
DLUData Loader Unit
DLUDynamic Logical Unit (Cisco)
DLUData Layout Utility
DLUDevice License Unit (Cisco)
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This led the DLU to file a case of Malversation of Goverment Property against Benzon on July 26, 2018.
Nicdao said the PTGWO-affiliated DLU is the duly certified representative of the bus firm's workers.
The result was so disastrous that the entire operation was scrapped and the DLU was created to improve the adequacy of representation for the accused.
Clerical checking of additional information was undertaken by the DLU for possible matches that fell within a 'grey area' between definite matches and definite non-matches.
For the Kirta catalog, see CAT 1.17 I 28 and parallels; for 'protecting' in that passage, see, e.g., DLU; for 'singing,' see, e.g., O'Connor, "Epigraphic Semitic Writing," 102-3, and Wright, Ritual in Narrative, 59-60.
The last iprofile, requested by DOT users, is called the Date of Last Update (DLU).
There will again be music in the free session tent from Headland, Dlu and GreigTaylor, as well as some younger musicians from the area.
The latter, including a change in the calendar of subsidy payments to the NMBS/SNCB alleviating expenditure in 2004, real estate sales by both the federal and the Flemish government and a fiscal amnesty measure (Declaration liberatoire unique, DLU), have also been lower than expected.
It was revealed over the weekend that these acts were: Lisa Kowalski, Rhuval, Canny Band, Katie Allan, Abi Pryde, Strachan, DLU and The 101.