DLVSDanske Laegers Vaccinations Service (Danish pharmaceutical company)
DLVSDerwentside Leisure Vehicle Service (UK)
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To facilitate implementation of the DLV method, system identification technique of subspace technique or SRIM that identifies the system matrix and output (observation) matrix of a state-space model is considered a preferable alternative.
In this study, the feasibility of DLV method for damage detection of frame structures using seismic response data is explored in association with the subspace identification algorithm developed by van Overschee and de Moor [23] for mixed deterministic-stochastic systems.
subjected to the ith DLV. Member j (or storey j) is considered seriously damaged when the normalized weighted stress index n[WSI.sub.j] [less than or equal to] 0.1 in which n[WSI.sub.j]- /[WSI.sub.j,max], whereas it is considered moderately damaged as 0.1 < n[WSI.sub.j] [less than or equal to] 0.2.
The ST-209 strain has further been isolated from a person with septicemia (that was associated with abortion) in Iceland in 2010, and has a SLV (ST-200) and a DLV (ST-201) that have been reported from cases of abortion/uterine infections in horses (http://pubmlst.org/ szooepidemicus/).
garinii strains from the present study are DLVs and TLVs of the strains from central Europe, while others have levels 4 and 5 connections to the central European STs.
A goeBURST analysis conducted at the DLV (double locus variant) level divided the dataset into 54 CCs consisting of 26 groups with 2 or more STs and 28 singletons.