DLX3Distal-Less Homeobox 3
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Asimismo, se han identificado otros genes que pueden participar activamente en el desarrollo de este sindrome, entre los que se encuentra DLX3, FAM83H, MMP-20, KLK4 y WDR72 (14).
16) Several genes have been implicated in the development of amelogenesis imperfecta, including AMELX, ENAM, DLX3, FAM83H, MMP20, KLK4, and WDR72.
2011) reported that a SNP in DLX3 gene at 24 Mb of SSC12 was associated with drip loss in the same population as in this study, while a QTL for drip loss was detected at 28 Mb of SSC12 (Table 3).