DLX3Distal-Less Homeobox 3
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Let-7g-5p HMGA2 [69] miR-10b-5p Bcl6 [80] miR-19a Undetected [64] miR-19b Smad7 [43] miR-21 FasL, PDCD4 [41, 42] miR-22-3p HDAC6 [68] miR-23a Fas, Runx2 [70, 71] miR-24 Tcf-1 [81] miR-27 APC [56] miR-29a-3p DKK1, Kremen2, sFRP2 [82] miR-30 family Smad1, Runx2, LRP6 [59] miR-100 BMPR2 [83] miR-124 Dlx5, Dlx3, Dlx2 [73] NFATc1, RhoA, Rac1 [73] miR-125 ErbB2 [63] miR-140-5p BMP2 [65] miR-142 APC [60] miR-148a Kdm6b [46] MAFB [45] miR-2861 HDAC5 [75] Table 3: miRNA dysregulated in plasma of osteoporotic patients and their function.
Dlx2 and Dlx3 are expressed during tooth morphogenesis and have been shown to play a key role during cell differentiation and apoptosis.
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(2011) reported that a SNP in DLX3 gene at 24 Mb of SSC12 was associated with drip loss in the same population as in this study, while a QTL for drip loss was detected at 28 Mb of SSC12 (Table 3).
Distinct roles for distal-less genes Dlx3 and Dlx5 in regulating ectodermal development in Xenopus.
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