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DLYDiscounted Life Year
DLYDirect Labor Yield
DLYDum Like You (band)
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At the end of the experiment, the average BW of DLY and DBJ barrows are 52.1[+ or -]0.74 kg and 50.3[+ or -]0.59 kg respectively.
Co l m) of a six-part story n two brothers, a dly beaten in a t outside the busy mithy and Callum street fight and bar owner Jason o reveals a vicious ntinues tomorrow.
Ford has added bi-fuel versions to its Transit Connect range of vans, which are so environmentally-frien- dly that operators do not even have to pay the London congestion charge.
Family-owned company Charpak Ltd, specialists in vacuum-formed packaging for brand names in retail, food and DLY, is announcing major expansion plans into new market sectors following a tenfold increase in sales.
By launching well-known images at each other as if the space of art were a kind of semantic particle accelerator, he creates a void of meaning from which new constellations, even little stories, flare up unexpecte dly and briefly.