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dLys = d[PD.sub.c] x [AA.sub.c] + dPDf x [AA.sub.f] dMet+Cys = d[PD.sub.c] x [AA.sub.c] + dPDf x [AA.sub.f] dThr = d[PD.sub.c] x [AA.sub.c] + dPDf x [AA.sub.f]
The efficiency of utilization of amino acid was obtained by the ratio between the deposition (dLys, dMet+Cys and dThr) and the respective intake corrected for maintenance of Lys (icLys), Met + Cys (icMet + Cys) and Thr (icThr).
Intake (iLys, mg [bird.sup.-1]), deposition (dLys mg [bird.sup.-1]), efficiency of utilization (kLys, %) and lysine requirement (rLys, g [kg.sup.-1] gain) for the four genotypes of pullets.