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DM3Cubic Decimetre
DM3Dye-Matrix 3 (paintball)
DM3Draftsman-Illustrator Third Class (Naval Rating)
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As desordens cardiometabolicas tambem elevam o risco de Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2 (DM2) e tem-se sugerido que o DM2 e a DVa apresentam mecanismos metabolicos e moleculares semelhantes (Viola e Klein, 2015), tais como prejuizo no metabolismo da glicose, aumento do estresse oxidativo, resistencia a insulina e acumulo anormal de proteinas [beta]-amiloides no cerebro (Verdile e colaboradores, 2015; Zhao, 2009), o que levou alguns autores a classificarem a DVa e a Doenca de Alzheimer como um tipo de diabetes que acomete seletivamente o cerebro, o DM3 (Kroner, 2009).
After vitamin D supplementation, the weights of rats in group DM3 decreased compared to the ones in group DM2.
The area under the curve (AUC) (adjusted for baseline) for total AA demonstrated insignificant differences between DM1 and DM2 (p = 0.852) as well as between DM3 and DM4 (p = 0.06).
During the examination of the DM3 process, it became clear that leveraging movement control is essential and that grade plate reductions at EAB had hit theater-level movement control especially hard.
For DM2 and DM3, there was not enough evidence showing which alternative was better since alternative A2 and A5 received the same scores.
As caracteristicas utilizadas apos analise de componentes principais foram: peso da ave no primeiro e segundo periodo (P1 e P2), peso medio da casca no primeiro e quarto periodo (PCM1 e PCM4), gravidade especifica media do ovo no terceiro periodo (DM3), largura media do ovo no segundo e quarto periodo (LOM2 e LOM4), comprimento medio do ovo no terceiro periodo (COM3), idade ao primeiro Ovo (IDPO) e numero de ovos no segundo periodo (N2).
Bernhard says the group doesn't pack venues everywhere it goes, but Eugene and the West Coast in general has taken to the DM3 blend of old-time, country swing and blues with the occasional foray into punk frenzy.
* HP Pavilion dm3 Product Tour and Video - Citation of Excellence in Interactive Media / Websites, Consumer Flash

This is neither the Chiclet style keyboard (which the Apple Macbook and HP Pavilion dm3 use), nor the floating style keypad (which the Gateway ID59C deploys).
HP 3D Active Shutter Glasses provide a seamless viewing experience by wirelessly synchronising each frame of the 3-D content between the display and the glasses, enabling a higher quality image, HP claims.</p><p>The HP ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook, featuring Beats Audio technology, includes a red backlit keyboard and comes with Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphones from Monster with ControlTalk.</p><p>The HP Pavilion dm3 notebook PC features an HP-developed intelligent cooling system to minimise heat.
Medical equipment and services company Spacelabs Healthcare Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI Systems Inc, announced yesterday the availability of its new Ultraview DM3, a dual mode vital signs monitor.
The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dm3 laptop has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen with a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera at the top of the screen.