DMAADisease Management Association of America
DMAADimethylacetamide (solvent)
DMAADiscrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications (journal; World Scientific Publishing Company)
DMAADistal Metatarsal Articular Angle (radiology)
DMAADragon Martial Arts Association (UK)
DMAADirect Mail Advertising Association
DMAADorn Method Academy Australia
DMAADuty Master-at-Arms (US DoD)
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O DMAA e uma amina alifatica simples de cadeia linear que partilha de amplas semelhancas estruturais com as anfetaminas e metanfetaminas (Venhuis and Kaste, 2012; Vorce e colaboradores, 2011).
Much debate has surrounded the safety and use of DMAA, also known as methylhexamine or Geranamine, in dietary supplements such as Code Red.
DMAA is also a substance banned both by VADA and the World Anti-Doping Agency.
In October 2009, she voluntarily terminated this relationship, receiving, in two payments, $196,085.20 from the Farmers Group pursuant to the DMAA
(35) United States Food and Drug Administration, "FDA Challenges Marketing of DMAA Products for Lack of Safety Advice," April 27, 2012, available at Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm302133.
"She had taken a supplement containing DMAA which, on the balance of probabilities, in combination with extreme physical exertion, caused acute cardiac failure, which resulted in her death."
Coroner Dr Philip Barlow issued a similar warning: "My hope is that the coverage of this case and the events leading up to Claire's death will help publicise the potentially harmful effects of DMAA during extreme exertion."
Jack3D is still being sold on Amazon but DMAA has been taken out of it, the court heard.
She bought the supplement Jack3D online but did not realise it contained 1,3-dimethylamine DMAA), an "amphetamine-like" substance which increases heart rate, the court heard.
In a narrative verdict he ruled: "She had taken a supplement containing DMAA which on the balance of probabilities in combination with extreme physical exertion caused acute cardiac failure which resulted in her death."
There have been warnings before, most recently from the Food Standards Agency, which advises people not to take gym supplements containing DMAA.