DMABDirect Mail Advisory Board (est. 1995; UN Universal Postal Union)
DMABDu Monde Aux Balkans (Grenoble, France festival)
DMABp-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (lab analysis chemical)
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The patient developed a progressive distal numbness and limb weakness 5 days after DMAB intoxication, and neurologic examinations showed generalized hyporeflexia; decreased sensation in pin-prick, temperature, touch, vibration, and position sensations; and weakness in the distal limbs, particularly in both feet (Kuo et al.
The DMAB unveiled a new interactive electronic research tool -- a country- by-country guide to direct mail/marketing throughout the world.
Their result was comparable with those of our study: DMAB intoxication can lead to acute cortical, cerebellar lesions and polyneuropathy.
CASE PRESENTATION: Three patients exposed to DMAB decontaminated immediately by drinking a lot of water; they reported dizziness, nausea, diarrhea 6-8 hr later.
DISCUSSION: This case study demonstrates that DMAB is highly toxic to humans through any route of exposure, and dermal absorption is the major route of neurotoxicity.
RELEVANCE: Further investigation of the toxic mechanism of DMAB is warranted.
DMAB is a white, crystalline solid with a molecular weight of 58.
Here we report a case of occupational DMAB exposure that caused significant neurotoxicity.
A 36-year-old, healthy male was accidentally sprayed over the face and trunk with the liquid form of DMAB (Figure 2).
DMAB was the only toxic substance at the workplace.
There were three other workers with a history of DMAB contamination.
To our knowledge, the human toxicity of DMAB has never been reported in the literature.