DMAGDigital Media Access Group (est. 1998; University of Dundee; UK)
DMAGDeputy's Management Action Group (US Air Force)
DMAGDistributed Multimedia Applications Group (Polytechnic University of Catalonia; Barcelona, Spain)
DMAGDepot Maintenance Activity Group
DMAGDefense Management Advisory Group
DMAGDysrégulations Métaboliques Acquises et Génétiques (French: Acquired Genetic and Metabolic Dysregulation)
DMAGDubuque Martial Arts Group (Iowa)
DMAGData Modeling and Analysis Group
DMAGDerivative of Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein
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75, mdo sde, am, 13,4] and P 1012, mdo sna tshogs, mdo, u, 6a4: de nas dmag dpon seng ges grags ldan ma'i dad pa phel bar bya ba'i phyir dbyigs dang gser dang rin po che mang du byin no.
And the new Deputy, Deputy Secretary Work, has retooled the Deputy's Management Action Group meetings known as DMAGs that the Service Under Secretaries and Vice Chiefs of Staff and also OSD Under Secretaries (like myself) normally attend.
Head and founder of the Distributed Multimedia Applications Group (DMAG).
As we will discuss in more detail below, the organic DMAG has considerable general and administrative (G&A) and overhead costs.
Accordingly, the Financial Focus Team focused analysis efforts on the systemic problems that transcended this period of adjustment and continue to hamper DMAG operations.
O Glorious Goddess (mag ze, dmag zor), O Protector Pay Har (pe har), Benevolent gods, protectors of Tibet, Bestow upon me here and now the good fortune to write a little of the ways Of bearing and rearing those children who are like the children of the gods.
* Allow the Air Force to track its reimbursable activities under activity groups: Information Services, Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG), Depot Maintenance Activity Group (DMAG), and the transportation used by the US Transportation Command.
(8.) Zhang Guohua, Dmag sde bco rgyas kyi gnas tsul bkod pa, manuscript in Tibetan, August 1962, p.13
bar du, p,543,3] de'i dus su rgyal po phal che ba la/phyi blon nang blon bar gyi phrin blon dang gsum las med las/khri srong mnga' thang rgyas pas/phyi blon bcu nang blon bcu phrin blon bcu yod pas/dus der bod kyi stag gzig nor gyi rgyal po btul te/ tshong lam mtha' bzhi che/rong shing ring gi zam par khas blangs/phrom ge sar dmag gi rgyal po btul/gnyen lam mtha'bzhi khas blangs/rgya gar chos kyi rgyal po btul/yon mchod du mkhas blangs/ [551.3, cf.
36, that he is unable to write a portion of his history because the required text "was destroyed in the war": dpe cha dmag gi dus thor bas 'bri ma nus/.
Secondly, while the meaning 'campaign, lead a campaign' is usually expressed by a collocation: dmag hdren (cf.