DMAILDepartment of Military Affairs - Illinois
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According to the company dmail is server-based, operates with a back-end SQL database and supports html text only.
dmail is initially offering three products: Wide World for a single user; One World for a closed group, friends or family groups, and Corporate World for enterprises.
Pricing depends on the number of users but is typically GBP15 per year for a single user and GBP75 per year for a group of 25 dmail addresses.
The secondary direct mail piece (DmailS) was also part of a shared mail program delivered by mail once a week.
Both time variables (FY00, FY01) were significant, as were the primary direct mail piece (DmailP), the secondary direct mail piece (DmailS), national advertising (Nat), local cooperative advertising (Loc), primary direct mail and national advertising (PNat), primary direct mail and local cooperative advertising (PLoc).