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The challenge of moving safely from BCT FOBs to DMAIN demanded that brigade trial counsel travel to the DMAIN and remain overnight, often for several nights, during trial terms.
(20.) Compiled by the author based on reporting provided by the BOLTs and the OSJA Branch Chiefs on a weekly basis to DMAIN SJA, Baghdad, Iraq (May 2003 through Jan.
This network of devices accelerates traffic over the division's primary satellite links from BCT and TAC CPs to DMAIN and the UHN.
In December, the battalion received Tropospheric Scatter Assets for 2/25 BCT, freeing a 93C satellite terminal for the link between DMAIN and three BCT data packages.
With the installation of data packages and TACLANEs at each BCT HQs, SFC Larry Martin and Gallagher were able to link each BCT TACLANE providing the ability to use additional gateways located at DMAIN, DREAR, and 2/25 BCT HQs.
The heaviest used Secure Network 11 connection was between DMAIN and our headquarters' gateways.
C/121 placed an LOS V1 at a node center to install a 2 MB link between DMAIN and the rest of the network.
We set out to provide big pipes and multiple services and did so by building a 'data package' at the DMAIN and DREAR.
NIPR DSN connectivity was accomplished by connecting two T1s off REDCOM IGX analogue voice switches at the DMAIN and DREAR to Cisco ITS routers, which tied into NIPR call managers.
Camp Liberty (formally Camp Victory North) was home to the DMAIN, three brigade combat teams, five separate battalions, and a host of garrison activities.
In most cases we will run split ops with half the C&E operating at the DMAIN and the other half at the DREAR (Sustainment BDE).
The UAV feed came from a laptop using Microsoft Media Player to view streaming video from the DMAIN network.