DMAMDigital Media Asset Management
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The DMAM can also provide a valuable window into operations--and help to prevent costly downtime--by monitoring and reporting on the status of systems across the workflow.
Web Services Architecture can operate along with other standards to enable communications between the DMAM system and third-party systems and, in turn, help to optimise the end-to-end workflow.
Broad-format support on the part of the DMAM system ensures compatibility across systems and affords fast access to media on a variety of systems and devices.
As the DMAM system handles a complex workflow and manages metadata in the background, it should also provide a flexible front end that gives each user just the right interface and tools for his work.
All of these advanced features and capabilities, part of today's best-of-breed DMAM systems, give broadcasters and other content providers the tools they need to tailor and deliver content to a variety of target platforms with maximum efficiency.
AMPS and DMAM were received from Ruibolong Oil Tech& Development (Beijing/China).
Next, DMAM and DADMAC were mixed into the solution with 210 rpm constant stirring speed.
The corresponding optimal synthesis conditions can be concluded from the curves: the reaction temperature is 60[degrees]C; the pH value is 6; the monomer concentration of AMPS/DADMAC/DMAM/AA is 18 wt%; the initiator concentration is 0.7% by weight of total monomers; the weight ratio of AMPS, DADMAC, DMAM, and AA is 6.3:1.8:1.5:0.4; and the reaction time is 140 min.
The C--H stretching vibrations of methyl and methylene groups appear around 2937.1 [cm.sup.-1] The stretching vibrations of carbonyl moiety of DMAM and deformation vibrations of the secondary amine in AMPS occur between 1646.9 and 1552.4 [cm.sup.-1] [22].