DMAPADimethyl Aminopropylamine
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Description: Polymeric quaternary ammonium salt composed of vinyl caprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone, di-methylaminopropyl methacrylamide (DMAPA), and methacryloylaminopropyl lauryl-dimonium chloride (MAPLDAC).
Styleze W-20 INCI name: polyquaternium-55 Suggested use level: 1-10% Applications: mousse, gels, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, thermal protection foam wraps Comments: Sold as a 20% solids aqueous solution, Styleze W-20 is a cationic styling terpolymer consisting of vinylpyrrolidone, dimethylaminopropyl-methacrylamide and a hydrophobically modified quaternized lauryl DMAPA group.