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That still pales in comparison to the historical average of 15,000 available listings--including more than 25,000 in February 2006, according to the DMAR.
(3) Between 1972 and 1976, the Nationality University of China discovered several archeological sites of Neolithic Age in Trinkhor (Sprin 'khor), Jomo (Jo mo), Choklamar (Lcogs la dmar), Hungkon (Hung kon) and other parts of Nyingtri.
His descendent 'Jam dbyangs rin chen rgyal mtshan, the guru of Red mda' ba and Tsong kha pa helped in establishing monasteries such as Rta ra kha, Sa dmar rdzing kha, Na zhing ra ma, Phu gdugs, and Skyabs Khra of Gnas rnying tradition.
Appendix Six contains facsimile editions of the Gung thang dkar chag and the previously unpublished Smon lam rdo rje'i rnam thar, written by Smon lam rdo rje's (1284-1347) son, Kun dga' rdo rje (1309-1364), the author of the famous Red Annals (Deb ther dmar po).
Madhyamaka and Pramana, Phya pa Chos kyi seng ge was a disciple of rGya dmar pa Byang chub grags; Padma dkar po even states that he was best of rGya dmar pa's students.
[right arrow] prasuyeta dper na bud med gzhon nu dbul mo \ brken ma \ mgon med pa \ nad kyis thebs pa \ bar ma dor sdug bsngal bar gyur pa \ sbrum pas nyen pa zhig mgon med pa khang pa zhig tu song ba las \ bu mo de bu byung nas \ de na snga nas gnas pa gzhan dag gis de de'i nang nas bskrad de nyong mongs me de bu btsas ma thag tu byis pa kha dmar khyer nas \ lo legs pa'i yul zhig tu chas te song ba las.
gcung po klu brag pas mdzad pa'i [15] rgyud phyag brgyas 'bring gsum/ gnyag ston ri pas mdzad pa'i/ sgron ma 'grel ba nyi 'od brgyan/ brgyal ba [Bru rgyal] rin po ches mdzad pa'i sgron ma'i dgongs don dang / snyan rgyud phyag khrid lag len dmar khrid kyi bskor/ don ldan zhang ston bsod rin gyi mdzad pa'i man ngag dmar khrid kyi bdams pa drug bya ba yod do/ de rnams snyan rgyud stod lugs kyi bon skor la rtogs pa'o/ Earliest Sources of Lineage Histories
rdo rje 'od chags ma/ sku bdog dmar mo na bza' gtsos gsol/ /gdan khri 'bri kham yu sprul te bcigs/ byang gi gser tang yi ge 'khor 'dul ma zhes bgyi/
The dPyal clan had a consistent tradition of journeying to Bal po and rGya gar, begun by one of their members, Se tsa dMar ru, who went to the Gangetic plain at the inception of bstan pa phyi dar in dBus gTsang.
299-300, traces the lineage of the Guhyabargbha from the fourth Zhwa dmar chos grags ye shes (1453-1524) to the 18th abbot of 'Bri gung,' Bri gung rin chen phun tshogs (1509-1557) to Nyi zla sang rgyas (see below) to'Khon ston Rinpoche's father.