DMARDeferred Maintenance And Repair
DMARDominant-Mode Axial Ratio
DMARDiscrepant Material Acceptance Request
DMARData Memory Address Register (computer architecture)
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In July 2003, when the facility opening was first announced, DMAR was expected to employ 500 people by 2008.
DMAR is DENSO's 23rd manufacturing facility in North America and is owned entirely by DENSO International America, Inc.
In addition to the American Red Cross contribution, McGuire said DMAR employees are holding a drive for nonperishable goods at their facility for the storm victims.
Some other brands participating in the event include Momentum BMW, Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique, Regalia Vodka, Midtown Bail bonds, Dat Red Carpet, Choice Tax Group, SheLuxe Couture, DMARS Business Journal, I.