DMARDeferred Maintenance And Repair
DMARDominant-Mode Axial Ratio
DMARDiscrepant Material Acceptance Request
DMARData Memory Address Register (computer architecture)
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From the background drugs, only methotrexate and DMARs combinations were significantly associated with OP.
In a ballroom filled with family, friends and co-workers, Neeta Sane, chair of the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, was honored as one of the "2014 Top 30 Influential Women of Houston" by the Dmars marketing and communication firm.
BDI is a high-level framework that has a number of distinct implementations, among them IRMA (Bratman, Israel, and Pollack 1988), PRS (Georgeff and Lansky 1987), dMARS (d'Inverno et al.
The tactical decision-making component was modeled using individual intelligent agents (implemented in the DMARS language [d'Inverno et al.