DMASDepartment of Medical Assistance Services (Virginia)
DMASDirect Marketing Association of Singapore (est. 1983)
DMASDivision, Multiplication, Addition, Subraction
DMASData Management and Archiving System (Canada)
DMASDiabetes Medication Assistance Service (Australia)
DMASData Management and Analysis Subcommittee
DMASDyna-Metric Microcomputer Analysis System
DMASDigital Modular Avionics System
DMASDistributed Multi-Agent System
DMASDistributed Management Accounting System
DMASDigital Multiplexed Audio System
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Amendment #373 requires DOD to report to Congress on its current and future plans to consolidate DMA and prohibits any funding for such consolidation until 180 days after DOD submits said report.
We are continuing to move in the right direction and fighting to protect the nearly 300 jobs of military and service personnel performing critical DMA activities at March Air Reserve Base in my district, and so many more across the nation.
Once the number of DMAs is defined and all the nodes are classified, it is possible to identify a set of boundary pipes E' [subset or equal to] E, whose elements (pipes or links) have different DMAs for their upstream and downstream nodes.
The demand similarity is important to evaluate the DMAs' size and mutual affinity, since it indicates how close a DMA demand is to the mean demand.
"A DMA is used where an owner wishes to engage a third party to carry out a development on the owner's behalf, and is suitable where the owner may not have the necessary skills, expertise or capacity to undertake the development," explained Simon Green, the head of real estate and construction in the Middle East at Charles Russell, a leading international law firm with offices in Bahrain and Qatar.
"An owner may wish to engage a developer under a DMA for a number of reasons, including the owner lacking the expertise, experience or capacity to carry out the proposed development itself, or because the owner wishes to pass on the management, administration and performance responsibilities in relation to the development to a third party," stated Green.
Another aliquot was treated with 2% cysteine and analyzed for total iAs ([iAs.sup.III + V]), MAs ([MAs.sup.III + V]), and DMAs ([DMAs.sup.III + V]).
DMAs was detected and quantified in all urine samples.
This is DMA only, not factoring in the national audience (where papers like The New York Times shine).
LOS ANGELES TIMES (DMA): 4,437,507 -- 33.7 -- 1,162,982 -- 4,840,238 DAILY NEWS, NEW YORK (DMA): 4,506,335 -- 28.6 -- 632,010 -- 4,728,027 CHICAGO TRIBUNE (DMA): 3,173,983 -- 44.3 -- 1,124,164 -- 3,556,376 THE WASHINGTON POST (DMA): 2,817,883 -- 61.3 -- 1,335,318 -- 3,110,987 CHICAGO SUN-TIMES (DMA): 2,393,304 -- 33.4 -- 612,278 -- 2,649,703 THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION (DMA): 2,174,712 -- 47.8 -- 1,120,012 -- 2,600,425 NEWSDAY (DMA): 2,299,698 -- 14.6 -- 662,749 -- 2,569,662 HOUSTON CHRONICLE (DMA): 2,141,503 -- 51.3 -- 731,938 -- 2,362,906 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER (DMA): 2,086,490 -- 34.9 -- 514,565 -- 2,291,511
Available in all 210 Nielsen DMAs, CompulseOTT offers great flexibility and can even execute campaigns with different impression counts and targets in different DMAs all for the same ad campaign.
The overall business objective of this RFP is to enter into a contract with a contractor who will provide a solution that transforms select systems and business processes for the DMAS programs.