DMBFDutch Muay Boran Foundation (Thai boxing association; Netherlands)
DMBFDax Motors'n Blues Festival (France)
DMBFDansk Musik Biblioteks Forening (Danish: Danish Music Library Association)
DMBFDuodenal Mucosal Blood Flow
DMBFDoppler Mesenteric Blood Flow
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Claus was selected as DMBF's member of the program team to arrange the 2015 joint Nordic/Baltic Conference.
Helle Tjornov from DMBF participated in the program planning and execution.
DMBF and MUFA intend to continue cooperation in the future.
In the summer of 2014, the Board created a Carl Nielsen group with representatives of DMBF's member institutions.
We are considering if we should withdraw from IAML considering the membership costs in relation to the DMBF's budget.
This was a situation that the DMBF, together with other stakeholders, has struggled to change since its introduction in 2005.
To celebrate this victory, the DMBF this year held an extra festive annual meeting with dinner and jazz concert with the Mads Mathias Trio after the regular program and an academic presentation by Mikael Hojris from The Association of Danish Musicians.
Therefore, the DMBF has decided to strengthen the effort to improve the education and continuing education in music.
In collaboration with MUFA, the DMBF threw a two-day conference in Vejle in the fall of 2009.
Former issues of Musikbib are now available as free .pdf downloads on the DMBF;s new website.
In 2006, the DMBF together with IAML Norway finished different proposals to changes in IAML's regulations and procedures.
DMBF will host the IAML conference in 2013 with the city of Arhus at the lead.