DMBIDigital Medical Billing, Inc. (various locations)
DMBIDéco Mont Blanc Industries (French mechanical engineering company)
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The 17-page entry in the Persian/Arabic DMBI comprises the following sections: (i) A brief untitled section (172a) dealing with definition and linguistic discussion on the name; (ii) Adam in Judaism; (iii) Adam in Christianity; (iv) Adam in Zoroastrianism; (v) Adam in Islam (beginning at 180b); (vi) Adam in mystical tradition (Adam dar tasawwuf wa 'irfan/Adam fil-tasawwuf wa 'irfan); (vii) Bibliography.
Unlike DMBI, the text remains solidly grounded in mainstream Islamic sources: although it mentions modernist interpretations, it does so with critical control and balance.
The Saqifa episode, which looms large in DMBI (see below), receives less than a paragraph and the author quickly jumps to the general pledge in the Prophet's Masjid, without mentioning the pledge at Saqifa.
This is not surprising, given the Shi'i perspective of DMBI, but the problem here is lack of critical control in presenting historical data.
One can only hope that the headword list of the DMBI is not supplemented by additional 'Abd al- entries between now and when it reaches 'ayn (some years hence), although the Encyclopaedia Islamica text already refers the reader to a "supplement" for some articles.
The general emphasis on matters Iranian and Shi'i found in the DMBI is reproduced, to an extent, in the selection of articles for the Encyclopaedia Islamica (henceforth ISLA).