DMBPDistribution Matériaux Bois-Panneaux (French wood distribution company)
DMBPDivision of Medical and Biological Physics (Canadian Association of Physicists)
DMBPReduction in Mean Blood Pressure
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In particular the DMBP is positive recurrent if and only if the MBP is supercritical and the zero state is accessible, in which case the limiting-stationary law of the DMBP is geometric.
If the zero state is inaccessible for the MBP, then it is absorbing and accessible for the DMBP. In this case there is a limiting conditional law (Theorem 3).
The second contribution is an account of limit theorems for the DMBP when S is not positive recurrent.
In Section 3 we supplement the discussion of the definitions of the DMBP in [2].
As we mentioned in the introduction, three equivalent definitions of the DMBP are presented in [2].
Definition (iii) is that the DMBP is a Markov process whose transition function has the dual branching property
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