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DMBSDriving Motor Brake Second (railway cars)
DMBSDoha Montessori British School (UK)
DMBSDuodenal Mucosal Bicarbonate Secretion
DMBSDiscounted Mortgage Backed Security
DMBSDigital Multi-Media Broadcasting Service
DMBSDesert Mountain Business Solutions, LLC (Surprise, AZ)
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For the purpose of this study, data were obtained from the annual reports and accounts of the 15 Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) spanning from the year 2012 through 2016.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Helen Swan, deputy principal of DMBS and the organiser of the event, said that it was designed to bring students from different countries together to learn, share ideas and make friends.
Already, there is a directive to all tiers of government including government parastatals to reduce their deposits in Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) to 10 per cent.
External equity assets as a % of GDP 2003 2007 Change Residents' external equity assets of which 43 214 171 Domestic Money Banks (DMBs) (1) 2 23 21 Other domestic credit institutions (2) 17 27 10 Other--mainly non-financial firms (3) 24 164 140 Non-residents' equity assets in Iceland 12 85 72 Net external equity assets 31 129 99 (1.) Domestic Money Banks are domestically registered banks, the largest of which are Kaupthing, Landsbarki and Glitnir.
Protocol Ref Master Pairwise Path Type Name Key Key Key Deterministic All pairwise NA Yes No LEAP [59] Yes Yes Yes BROSK [122] Yes Yes No LKHW [631 Yes Yes No CDTKeying [1231 NA Yes No IOS& [124] NA Yes No DMBS Probabilistic Basic [19] NA Yes Yes q-composite [22] NA Yes No Polynomial [46] NA Yes No based Blom based [9] NA Yes No Deployment [129] NA Yes No knowledge based Cluster key [130] NA Yes No grouping Location [132] NA Yes No based Prot.
This implies that less money is available to deposit money banks (DMBs) for lending operations.
The financing was structured to be a variable-rate Fannie Mac Discounted Mortgage Backed Security (DMBS), providing full term interest only payments.
So Feinberg recommends limited use of DMBS engines based on OSS for simple tasks, such as supporting Web servers.
Or if you're a UK mobile user, simply text the word DMBS followed by a space and then your answer (a, b or c) to 86600.
The students' team researched, selected and installed a web-server, an appropriate relational DMBS, and an application server.
Contact: Ann Etgen, DMBS, 6815 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, TX 75205.
The DMBS is used to store a database conforming to that schema; it allows for database transaction processing in which a transaction is a unit of activity against the database that includes retrieval and update operations against the database.