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DMBT1Deleted in Malignant Brain Tumors 1
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Ten genes (ATP8A1, bridging integrator 2, CD93 molecule [CD93], exophilin 5, GRB2 associated binding protein 2, n-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein, beta, PLA2G6, PTPRC, and vesicle associated membrane protein 1 [VAMP1]) were associated with exocytosis, and five genes (ATP8A1, CD93, DMBT1, PTPRC, and VAMP1) were classified under the secretory granule membrane term in the GO network.
CUZD1 (as also the much larger DMBT1) contains two CUB domains and one ZP domain (Figure 2).
Helmke et al identified that primary ARM is more likely to be positive for protein DMBT1 (70%) than CM (23%) (6).