DMCLDigital Modem Command Language
DMCLDale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte (Vancouver, BC, Canada accountants)
DMCLDevice Media Control Language
DMCLDual MicPre Compressor Limiter
DMCLDocumentum Client Library
DMCLDust Metals Concentration Limit
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In addition, in the DMCL blue group, the 9 genes shown in Table 3 (RUNX1, FANCD2, BMPR1A, BUB1B, EPHB2, EHBP1, PDE11A, RET, and KDR) were highly activated and all of them can significantly affect embryonic hemopoiesis, transferase activities, and protein phosphorylation.
In addition, in the DMCL green group, only 3 genes, EPHB2, SDHC, and NF, were highly activated; all of these genes are significantly involved in the regulation of neuronal synaptic plasticity.
In addition, in the DMCL red group, 12 genes (RUNX1, PDGFRA, EHBP1, GPC3, AXIN2, KDR, GLMN, MSMB, EPHB2, MSR1, and KIT, Table 3) were upregulated in normal fibroblast cells.
DMcL: After three picture books (fiction and non-fiction) I plunged into my first YA novel, Not Out.
DMcL: My readers/audience always ask bold and daring questions, demanding the utmost honest response.