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DMCMDirect Mail Company Marketing
DMCMDigital Marketing Communications Management (UK)
DMCMMaster Chief Draftsman-Illustrator (Naval Rating)
DMCMDivision of Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms (US NIH)
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Investigation of nonwoven scaffold surfaces has been done by optical microscopy Leica DMCM and by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) under a Helios Nanolab (FEI) 600 microscope at a voltage of 2 Kv.
Donde: PC = porcentaje de crecimiento; DMCM = diametro medio de colonia creciendo en el tratamiento; 1,2 cm = diametro del cilindro con micelio; y DMCA = diametro medio de colonia sin enmendar.
Coincidence of seizure susceptibility to caffeine and to the benzodiazepine inverse agonist, DMCM, in SWR and CBA inbred mice.