DMCRADigital Media Consumers' Rights Act of 2002
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Following its 2005 reintroduction to the House, the DMCRA was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary as well as to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
408) For example, the DMCRA would modify [section] 1201(c)(1) to make explicit that "it is not a violation of [[section] 1201] to circumvent a technological measure in order to obtain access to the work for purposes of making noninfringing use of the work.
The Federal Circuit's approach appears to be in accord with that of the DMCRA, suggesting that it may recognize fair use as an affirmative defense to a [section] 1201(a)(1) violation.
Boucher's DMCRA, such as the right to circumvent copyright protection technologies provided that no infringement occurs) (157) It also incorporates the archiving rights of the CTBR.
Rick Boucher, author of the DMCRA, the Music Online Competition Act ("MOCA") (161) extends a number of exemptions to copyright infringement liability for online vendors with respect to digital music.