DMDADepressive Manic Depressive Association
DMDADepression and Mood Disorders Association (New South Wales, Australia)
DMDADynamic Model Driven Architecture (scientific computing)
DMDADynamic Motion Dance Academy (Arizona)
DMDADatabase of Mouse Developmental Anatomy
DMDADredged Material Disposal Area (various locations)
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An interaction between treatment and week of sample collection was observed in the percentage of IMIA (p = 0.028, Figure 3(a)) and DMDA (p < 0.05, Figure 3(b)).
He added the DMDA was established four and a half year ago and had support of its activists from former communist parties Hizbi-i-Watan and Khalq Afghanistan.
National DMDA plays a critical role in addressing the roadblocks still faced by patients.
* The National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association (National DMDA) has over 200 chapters in the United States and Canada offering support to people with depression and their families.
Spectrasolv DMDA (HallStar) (Dimethyl capramide) 1.00
Reference Name MFI (dg/min) [[eta].sup.*] at [sigma] = [10.sup.4] Pa (Pa.s) PE-1 DMDA 8907 8.0 2300 PE-2 Nova 455 2.0 18,200 PE-3 DMDA 6147 0.8 78,000 PE-4 Nova 1008 0.5 170,000 PP-1 PH920 S 60 190 PP-2 SM-6100 12 1200 PP-3 PP-6823 0.5 36,000 Reference [[eta].sup.*] at [omega] = 100 rad/s (Pa.s) PE-1 630 PE-2 1490 PE-3 2045 PE-4 2420 PP-1 128 PP-2 340 PP-3 1410
The HallStar webinar series available at StarNet includes the following personal care topics: New High Performance Photo-stabilizer for Sun Care: SolaStay S1; Hall-Star Ingredients for Color Cosmetics: HallBrite BHB; Improving Sunscreen Photostability with Polycrylene; Improving Sunscreen Photostability with HallBrite BHB and Spectrasolv DMDA.
Polyethylene samples were obtained from commercial sources, as follows: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Union Carbide DMDA 8940 ([M.sub.w] [cong] 40,000, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n] [cong] 3.1); linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), Union Carbide HS 7027 (LLDPE1, [M.sub.w] [cong] 68,300, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n] [cong] 3.2) and Union Carbide HS7037 (LLDPE2, [M.sub.w] [cong] 134,000, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n] [cong] 3.8), both ethene/hexene copolymers; and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), DuPont Alathon 20 ([M.sub.w] [cong] 388,440, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n] [cong] 10.0).
Conventional conductive polymer composites were also produced by melt mixing of high-density polyethylene (DMDA 8920, Union Carbide) and carbon black N660.