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Aforementioned phenomenon elucidated that chemical bonding between DMDBS and POSS-SH has a greater inhibitive effect on the formation of nanofibril than hydrogen bonding, eventually leading to the decrease of nucleating efficiency.
Figure 5 showed the formation of the spherulites in the samples containing DMDBS and POSS-DMDBS in the 3 X 3 [micro]m AFM micrograph.
A conjectured explanation was that DMDBS can finely crystallize and self-assemble into nanofibrils to provide active nucleation sites.
samples contained 0.3 wt% of DMDBS presented obvious increase in crystallization temperature.
and this illustrated the chemical bonding between DMDBS and POSS further restrained the formation of the nanofibrils and receded the nucleation effect of DMDBS-POSS.
The iPP/POSS/ DMDBS presented the higher NE of 52.1% for the same concentration of iPP/POSS-DMDBS (42.1%).
The value of n depends on the crystallization mechanism, therefore, the additions of DMDBS, POSS-SH, POSSDMDBS, and POSS/DMDBS can change neither the crystallization mechanism nor crystal growth geometries of iPP.
iPP/POSS/ DMDBS and iPP/POSS-DMDBS, that could be attributed to the lower nucleation density and crystal growth rate, which caused by the interaction between POSS via mercapto groups according to the references 4.