DMDFDredged Material Disposal Facility (various locations)
DMDFDespite My Deepest Fear (band)
DMDFDigital Map Data Format (computing)
DMDFDistributed Management Data Facility
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Ahmad Meraj son of DMDF Meraj ud Din was employed as doctor under employment No 028743-3 while Syed Isra Shakil, daughter of DMD HRD & A Syed Shakil Ahmad was enrolled on the post of assistant executive engineer mechanical BPS-17 .
[MFI.sub.190/2,16] Density [M.sub.w] Grade (g/10 min) (g/[cm.sup.3]) (kg/mol) LDPE 503A 1.9 0.923 80,900 LLDPE-Octene FP 1 0.92 103,200 120-A HD58A 0.41 0.957 193,885 [26] LDPE LF-Y-819-A 0.75 0.92 189,200 [27] HDPE DMDF 6200 3.4 0.955 -- Grade [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n] Manufacturer LDPE 503A 5.02 Dow Plastics Company LLDPE-Octene FP 3.38 Nova Chemicals Company 120-A HD58A 12.94 Dow Plastics Company LDPE LF-Y-819-A 9.10 Nova Chemicals Company HDPE DMDF 6200 -- Petromont TABLE 2.
The materials employed in this work were blow molding grade high density polyethylene (HDPE DMDF 6200, melt index M.I.