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Dimethylsuccinate (DMS), dimethyldiglycolate (DMDG), 1,4-butanediol (BD), and titanium tetrabutoxide (Ti[(OBL).sub.4]) (Aldrich) were reagent grade products; DMS, DMDG, and BD were used as supplied, whereas Ti[(OBu).sub.4] was distilled before use.
PBS and PBDG were synthesized in bulk starting from DMS and DMDG, respectively, and BD (using a 20% mol excess of the glycol on respect of DMS or DMDG), employing Ti[(0Bu).sub.4] as catalyst [about 0.2 g of Ti[(0Bu).sub.4]/kg of polymer].
They have used dynamic multi-threaded dependence graph (DMDG) as the intermediate representation.