DMEADelta-Montrose Electric Association (Colorado)
DMEADepartment of Mineral and Energy Affairs (South Africa)
DMEADefense Minerals Exploration Administration
DMEADavid Moor Estate Agents (UK)
DMEAdimethyl ethanol amine
DMEADefect Mode and Effect Analysis
DMEADurable Medical Equipment Attachment
DMEADes Moines Education Association
DMEADamage Mode and Effects Analysis
DMEADelaware Music Educators Association
DMEADefense Micro-Electronics Activity
DMEADefense Microelectronics Agency
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Traditionally, DMEA guests are invited to attend special events, an exhibition and lecture sections that help reveal important topics and problems in healthcare.
The DMEa purchase price was USD 142.5m, subject to certain adjustments.
In the mixture, BP, DMEA were charged and kept shaken for more 10 min.
* Jeffcat DMEA, N,N-dimethylethanolamine used with other Jeffcat catalysts to promote gas-blowing reaction or serve as an acid scavenger.
It is reported that a common form of arsenic in natural gas is not simply arsine (ASH) but a group of arsenic compounds called the trialkylarsines (which includes: trimethylarsine (TMA), dimethylethylarsine (DMEA), methyldiethylarsine (MDEA) and triethylarsine) (TEA).
Alan Young, president of the Des Moils Education Association (DMEA), says the health benefits helped convince many teachers to stay in the city instead of moving to the suburbs.
To deal with this problem the US Department of Defense had to set up a special programme DMEA (Defense Microelectronics Activity) for the manufacture of replacement parts no longer supported by the commercial market.
With the exception of dimethylethanolamine (DMEA) for Hybrid [B.sub.SF], the neutralizing amine used was triethylamine (TEA).
l Lift up sagging skin contours with RoC's new Protient Immediate Lift, pounds 19.95, the only mass market cream with DMEA - a magic ingredient used by J-Lo to keep her skin taut and smooth.
* Signal Technology Corp., a Crane company, announced the award of a follow-on contract valued at $4.6 M from the defense microelectronics activity (DMEA) of the US Department of Defense.
The US Department of Defense's Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) has awarded $6.5 million to Signal Technology (Danvers, MA) to develop hardware and software for collecting and disseminating information gathered by tiny sensors.