DMEGDiabetes Management & Education Group (UK)
DMEGDispute Mediation Experts Group (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
DMEGDistance Measuring Equipment collocated with Glide Slope
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Specifically, the model contains five morbidity-based risk adjusters, that is, pharmacy-based cost groups (PCGs), diagnosis-based cost groups (DCGs), durable medical equipment groups (DMEGs), physiotherapy diagnosis groups (PDGs), and multiple-year high-spending (MYHS) groups.
The somatic RE model 2017 contains almost 200 risk classes, including 40 age/gender classes, 33 PCGs based on the prior use of drugs prescribed for chronic illnesses, 15 DCGs based on diagnoses of hospital treatment in the prior year, 10 DMEGs based on prior use of durable medical equipment, 4 PDGs based on diagnoses of physiotherapy in the prior year, and 7 MYHS groups based on high spending in the prior 3 years.