DMEKDescemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty
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However, we do not routinely perform DMEK surgery, so the thinner graft could lead to longer intraoperative management.
This textbook for corneal and anterior segment surgeons covers all endothelial keratoplasty procedures commonly used for corneal transplants such as DSEK, DMEK and DSAEK.
The advantages of DSAEK and DMEK over PK is a shorter period of vision restoration (three to six months versus 12 to 18 months) and reduced amount of post-operative astigmatism (average 1.
Purpose: DMEK better able to define and achieve the core agenda of Badi womens empowerment, promoting rights of the Badi women and their participation in different levels and areas through policy and institutional change
ISR, the first and only certified ISO Clean Eye Bank, plans to bring their innovative techniques, such as Nano-Cut Precise[TM] and Punch-Ready DMEK[TM], to the Louisiana location, which will provide local surgeons the ability to obtain ocular grafts for DSAEK and DMEK.