DMEPDevice Memory Export Protocol
DMEPDevice Memory Export Protocol (computing)
DMEPDesenvolvimento de Mercados e Produtos (Portuguese: Markets and Products Development)
DMEPDuplicate Materials Exchange Program (US LOC)
DMEPData Network Modified Emulator Program
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DMEP was first developed in 2006 by a group of physicians at the American College of Surgeons (ACS), based on their own experience as trauma and emergency surgeons.
In conjunction, Amarin plans to appeal the DMEP decision to the FDA Director of the Office of Drug Evaluation II (ODE-II), the next level under FDA dispute resolution guidance.
GMI's DMEP project may be viewed as an experiment in helping users, especially those in the Two-Thirds World, overcome local and systemic restrictions and equipping them with resources for leadership development and theological education as well as mission planning and management research activities.
GMI decided to focus its DMEP project on a small number of strategically positioned institutions in Africa and Asia that are most ready to take advantage of computer information systems.
Initial steps in the DMEP project involved (1) taking cross-cultural soundings of local agendas, research needs, computer use (and absence thereof), and learning styles; (2) designing the software and configuration of the CD systems with input from users, allowing technical adjustments to be made en route; and (3) testing the training materials for the DMEP software.