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DMERCDurable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier
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K3: Talux foot, a Flex Foot with J-shaped DR design (also named in DMERC) combined with multiaxial capabilities because of the elastomer block ankle.
The CERT program measures the error rate for claims submitted to carriers, DMERCs, and FIs.
Carriers then transitioned to Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCs) during the '90s.
If the physician does not have a DMERC number, the patient must be given a prescription for a pessary, fill the prescription at a pharmacy, come back with the pessary, and have the doctor insert it.
You must bill enteral and parenteral claims to the DMERC.
Under current law, providers who wish to dispense pessaries must request a DMERC number by filling out a several-page form.
HCFA will have to expend money and staff time to train SNF staff on DMERC policies and procedures, produce training materials and update manuals as part of its program integrity effort.
All of this means that nursing homes now have to learn to deal with the monstrosity known as the DMERC. To be covered under Part B, claims for wound care supplies must now be submitted by the nursing home directly to the DMERC, and the SNF must use the appropriate ICD-9-CM diagnosis code for the type of wound.
HCFA seems to be leaning toward using the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) rather than the Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier (DMERC) to process the consolidated bills, but, at press time, there was still debate on that choice.
The DMERC (Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier or Medicare Part B) manual defines an orthotic as follows: " [It] is a device intended for medical purposes that is worn to support, correct, or to prevent deformities or to align structures for functional improvement."
The reorganization--called Carrier Consolidation--began with the identification of four regional carriers--replacing 34 independent carriers--called Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCS).